Flat Track Stats Updated May 22nd, 2018. Stats Courtesy of Flat Track Stats

Here are your current Cross Canada Rankings for May 22nd, 2018.

The Top Ten remains unchanged this week. With Les Sexpos holding steady in 8th spot after this past weekend's action.

Greater Vancover moved down 1 spot to 16th.

Fernie moved up 1 spot to 15th

Thrashin' Lassies moved up 3 spots to 46th

Hammer City Hassle moved down 29 spots to 75th

Hard Cores remained steady at 85th

Our Ladies of Pain moved up 38 spots to 120th

1.Montreal Roller Derby931.5
2.Terminal City Rollergirls804.8
3.Calgary Roller Derby799.1
4.Royal City Roller Derby794.6
5.Orangeville Roller Girls792.7
6.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...783.8
7.E-Ville Roller Derby779.9
8.Les Sexpos765.0
9.Ottawa Valley Roller Derb...752.5
10.Toronto Roller Derby746.4
11.Tri-City Roller Derby740.8
12.Rated PG Rollergirls710.9
13.Roller Derby Quebec710.2
14.Muddy River Rollers698.1
15.Fernie Roller Derby Leagu...694.7
16.Greater Vancouver Roller ...683.9
17.La Racaille674.8
18.Eves of Destruction669.0
20.Chicks Ahoy!665.7
21.Durham Region Roller Derb...660.4
22.Pile O' Bones Derby Club656.8
23.A-Stars B Team655.8
24.Rum Rollers652.2
25.Margarita Villains648.7
26.Wheat City Roller Derby648.7
27.Saskatoon Roller Derby Le...643.8
28.Vicious Dishes643.4
29.Slice Girls641.3
30.Energetic City Roller Der...638.7
32.Les Filles du Roi637.9
33.Terminal City B-Side635.3
34.Tournament City Derby Dol...630.5
35.Belles of the Brawl629.9
36.Tri-City Plan B624.2
37.Death Track Dolls616.9
38.NWO Roller Girls616.6
39.Forest City Derby Girls613.4
40.Harbour City Rollers613.4
41.B-52 Bellas612.4
42.North Coast Nightmares610.9
43.Killer Queens610.8
44.Fog City Rollers610.8
45.Jane Deere608.1
46.Thrashin' Lassies608.0
47.Pulp Affliction604.5
48.Smokin' Laces603.3
49.Anchor City Rollers600.3
50.Bone City Beaver Dames599.6
51.Venus Fly Tramps598.8
52.Hammer City Roller Derby597.8
53.Oil City Derby Girls597.0
54.Las Pistolitas596.4
55.Midwest Mavericks Regiona...594.5
56.Ringleader Roller Girls594.4
57.Cut Throat Car Hops591.5
58.Wellington Roller Derby588.3
59.Faster Pussycats587.2
60.Lockdown Lolitas586.4
61.Hamilton Area Roller Derb...586.1
62.Violet Uprising585.0
63.Yukon Roller Girls582.5
64.306th Bombshell Battalion582.5
65.Gas City Roller Derby Ass...581.9
66.South Okanagan Roller Der...580.8
67.Squamish Women's Roller D...579.5
68.Nuclear Free Roller Derby...579.2
69.Les Bûches578.6
70.Battlefords Roller Derby ...576.5
72.Rink Minx Rollergirls576.0
74.Mad Hitters574.1
75.Hammer City Hassle572.6
76.South West Sask Roller De...572.5
77.Weyburn Roller Derby Asso...572.1
78.Renegade Derby Dames571.7
79.Gapland Rollers571.0
80.Chinook City Roller Derby...570.6
81.Thunder Bay Roller Derby568.1
82.Gold City Roller Girls567.0
83.Smoke City Bandits566.2
84.Gore Gore Rollergirls565.6
85.Hard Cores564.2
86.Thames Fatales559.4
87.Highland Derby Dolls558.9
88.South Simcoe Rebel Roller...558.8
89.Rouge et Gore558.8
90.Dam City Rollers558.5
91.Salt Spring Roller Derby557.7
92.Bombshell Brawlers557.6
93.Kingston Derby Girls556.0
95.Living Dead555.8
96.Capital City Rollers555.6
97.Niagara Roller Girls554.9
98.Roller Derby Misfits554.8
99.Nickel City Roller Derby554.6
100.Public Frenemy554.2
101.Black Rock Bandits553.1
102.The Regulators553.0
103.Hogtown Roller Derby552.9
104.Dead Ringers552.8
105.Bootleg City Roller Derby550.4
106.The Bonnie Situation548.7
107.Bacon Pirates547.6
108.Rossland Trail Roller Gir...545.4
109.Lil Chicago Roller Derby543.9
110.Scarlet Fever542.9
111.Dirty Harriets542.8
112.Festival City Rollergirls542.6
114.Bad Reputations541.8
115.Bloody Marys541.4
117.The Disloyalists538.2
118.Rez City Rollers536.8
119.The Hamilton Bombers536.7
120.Our Ladies of Pain536.5
121.Killer Rollbots536.1
122.Killa' Bees535.5
124.East Side Wheelers534.5
125.Roller Derby Misfits Red534.4
126.St. Albert Heavenly Rolle...533.0
128.Whistler Roller Girls530.1
129.Prince Albert Roller Derb...528.6
130.Tournament City B Team527.6
131.Bow Valley Roller Derby527.4
132.Okanagan Roller Derby525.8
133.Lethbridge Roller Derby G...525.4
134.Peterborough Area Roller ...525.1
135.Belleville Roller Derby523.4
136.Pow! Town Roller Derby523.0
137.Cherry Bombs522.0
138.NWO Outsiders520.7
139.Dockyard Brawlers518.7
140.Border City Brawlers517.6
141.Seaway Roller Derby Girls516.1
142.Rated PG Rollergirls515.8
143.Revelstoke Roller Derby515.6
144.Okanagan Shuswap Roller D...515.4
145.Fox Force Five513.8
146.G.I. Janes513.6
147.Riot Girls512.9
148.Brick House Betties512.8
150.Cannon Dolls511.6
151.Fort McMurray Roller Derb...506.9
152.Meridian Roller Derby Lea...506.6
153.Roller Derby Sherbrooke506.2
154.Brass Knuckle Derby Dames506.0
155.Heartland Roller Derby As...504.1
156.Grey Bruce Roller Derby504.0
157.Okanagan Derby Dolls503.7
158.Total Knock-Outs502.4
159.Sarnia Roller Derby Leagu...501.3
160.Grande Prairie Roller Der...501.0
161.Doomsday Bunnies500.8
162.Bombshell Battalion498.4
163.Sunshine Coast Roller Gir...498.1
164.Ghoul Guides497.1
165.The Skateful Dead (ON)495.1
166.Bazooka Janes495.0
167.PLAP City Rollers494.6
168.Lindsay Roller Derby494.5
169.Boneyard Betties491.8
170.Bytown Blackhearts491.5
171.Cape Breton Roller Derby487.3
172.Renfrew County Roller Der...487.2
173.Roller Derby Misfits Blac...486.9
174.Bootleg Betties486.5
175.Roller Derby Rimouski486.1
176.Wharf City Rollers485.4
178.Kindersley Roller Derby A...483.0
179.Badlands Hellraisers Roll...479.3
180.Hwy 14 Derby Association477.5
181.Bavarian Barbarians474.2
182.Northumberland Roller Gir...470.0
183.Motor City Madames468.6
184.Portside Pirates463.9
186.Rocky View Roller Derby A...460.2
187.Norfolk County Roller Der...459.5
188.Killbillies B Squad458.9
189.Gold Pain City Derby Girl...453.4
190.Diamond City Roller Derby452.3
191.Derby Debutantes437.4
192.Canadian Clubbers425.7
193.Aurora Boriellas Roller D...424.4
194.Grimshaw Grim Reapers Rol...421.9
195.Whitecourt Roller Derby L...415.8
196.Kenora Roller Derby Leagu...414.9

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