Derby Wrap-up For The Week of May 20th-25th, 2018

Here is your Derby Wrap-up for May 22nd, 2018 coming out of the Victoria Day Long Weekend and only a few days away from Royal Brawl 2018 in Guelph, Ontario.

EOD Hard Cores won their bout with Aftershocks 314-142

CRD Thrashin' Lassies were in action with Electric City and won their bout 253-102.

Avalanche City saw three games this weekend. They won their bout against Palhouse 129-125 and also won their bout against Fargo Moorehead 358-43 but lost their bout to Gallatin Mayhem 98-175.

Les Sexpos were in action as well this weekend. They lost their bout to ACDG Rocket Queens 224-131 and won their bout against AZRD Arizona Rising 291-84.

In our featured double header Hammer City Eh! lost their bout to Tri-City 173-151 while Hammer City Hassle lost their bout to Royal City's Our Ladies of Pain 235-156.

And that is your Derby Wrap-up for May 22nd, 2018. We will see you at Royal Brawl 2018 in Guelph this Friday. See you track side!