Royal Brawl Brings Another Success To Royal City Roller Derby

It’s been a couple of weeks since Royal Brawl 2018 has come to an end and even after this time there is still a buzz in the air from the tournament.

Each day of the Tournament had memorable bouts, from the opening game on Day One between Tri-City and Toronto to the closing bouts on the final day in particular Sunday’s Game Four between the Brute Leggers and E-ville Dead and the memorable Game Two between Ithaca and Tri-City that saw Tri-City keep coming back and prevail after all four of their jammers suffered injuries at various points during the game and took the win. Overall it was a tournament to remember. Here are the final results from that weekend.

Here are how all the Teams are now ranked with the release of the May 31st Official WFTDA Rankings that came out June 5th

Canadian Teams
E-Ville Roller Derby – 46 (up 1 spot)
Royal City Roller Derby – 52 (up 7 spots)
Toronto Roller Derby – 66 (up 6 spots)
Tri-City Roller Derby – 73 (up 16 spots)
Ottawa Valley Roller Derby – 86 (down 11 spots)

The US Teams Rankings as of June 5th, 2018
North Star Roller Derby – 60 (up 9 spots)
Ohio Roller Derby – 59 (up 8 spots)
Ithaca League of Women Rollers – 99 (down 6 spots)

See you track side!


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  • Canadian Flat Track Rankings

    Here are your updated Cross Canada Rankings for June 18th, 2018. The Top Ten is unchanged...

  • MRDA Standings

    Here are your updated Men's Roller Derby Association Rankings for June 18th, 2018.

Canadian Top Ten
June 18th, 2018

1.Montreal Roller Derby958.9
2.Terminal City Rollergirls804.9
3.E-Ville Roller Derby801.0
4.Calgary Roller Derby799.1
5.Royal City Roller Derby795.8
6.Toronto Roller Derby772.5
7.Winnipeg Roller Derby Lea...772.5
8.Les Sexpos757.5
9.Ottawa Valley Roller Derb...751.2
10.Orangeville Roller Girls749.5

MRDA Top Ten
Juen 18th, 2018

1.Saint Louis GateKeepers1019.5
2.Bridgetown Roller Derby988.8
3.San Diego Aftershocks922.8
4.Denver Roller Derby (Men'...918.1
5.Southern Discomfort Rolle...909.9
6.Philadelphia Hooligans906.4
7.Your Mom Men's Roller Der...905.1
8.Texas Men's Roller Derby904.5
9.Roller Derby Toulouse (Me...901.4
10.Magic City Misfits894.2

Released June 5th, 2018

Rank +/- League W L Weight Score
1   Victorian Roller Derby League 10 0 9.19 1,261.44
2   Rose City Rollers 14 1 8.28 1,136.10
3   Gotham Girls Roller Derby 10 1 7.47 1,024.69
4 1 Denver Roller Derby 7 6 7.16 982.74
5 2 Arch Rival Roller Derby 8 6 6.76 927.55
6 -2 Angel City Derby 9 5 6.42 880.9
7 -1 Texas Rollergirls 7 7 6.29 862.5
8 1 Jacksonville Rollergirls 7 4 5.73 786.31
9 -1 Rainy City Roller Derby 10 1 5.52 757.65
10   Crime City Rollers 7 5 5.49 752.98